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REAL TALKING® Foundation, REAL TALKING® Essential, REAL TALKING® in Action, and REAL TALKING® Projects are supporting material for teachers. These methodologies, developed by Avelt-Programs LLC are to help teachers in their daily work, and focused on teaching the American English language correctly and quickly from beginners to advanced levels. The main objective is to provide them with all the necessary tools to have their students speak English in a short time. These tools provide intensive, quick and effective communication in English without the need of using textbooks or workbooks, since all programs are designed to be taught in a natural way of learning by applying trichotomy. Watch-Listen-Speak. These are excellent techniques focused on association and learning by doing. These methodological programs have effective learning tools, guaranteeing a functional and fast use of the English language, and focused on immediate and effective practice by students.

1. REAL TALKING® Foundation

Focused on Elementary Level

The methodology used in this course is to teach the foundations of the English language in a practical and simple way through thirteen main structures where all grammatical tenses flow. It is an innovative, fast, and very effective methodology to teach the language by using mainly the listening and speaking skills from students. This course contains structures ordered from the simplest to the most perfect forms taught by watching, listening and speaking. Beginner students will quickly learn how to use these fixed structural patterns that will allow them to apply them quickly. Each structure is designed along with each personal pronoun and their corresponding auxiliary verbs leading students to express themselves clearly and precisely in all verbal tenses. This program also has an intensive practice lab that has a lot of listening exercises that will help students gain confidence in using this language.

2. REAL TALKING® Essential

Focused on High Elementary Level

The methodology used in this course is simply to ask and answer questions in the same way we conduct in our daily conversations. It is an innovative, fast and very effective methodology for teens, young people and adults who definitely want to speak the English language in a short time. Our communication in everyday situations is simply like this from the very early in the morning up to late at night we are all day asking and responding questions all along. For example: What time is it? Do you drive to work? Did you go to the concert last week? What are you doing? Have you ever been abroad? Is she a secretary? Is he a business man? What is this? Can I talk to him? Would you like to go? Are you going to go to the meeting? Should I go to the doctor's? How long have you been working here? Will he come to see me? Who were you talking to? and so on. Most of our conversations are these ways. Think about them for a moment and you'll notice that is true. This program is designed to reinforce the foundation of the language taught in REAL TALKING® Foundation by studying every grammar point individually and in depth. REAL TALKING® Essential contains structures sorted from beginners to Intermediate level. That is, from the simplest to the most perfect form. Many questions contain American idioms, terminologies that are useful for clear conversations in English. Each program covers grammatical points that are logically linked. So, for example at the beginner level, in Unit 1 the verb "to be" is the main grammatical approach to teach, but students will also learn all personal pronouns, numbers, alphabet, prepositions of places, adjectives. In other words, students will learn everything they need to communicate with this verb effectively. The same principle is used throughout this course so that students may put into practice immediately what they are learning.

2. REAL TALKING® in Action

Focused on Low Intermediate to High Intermediate Level

The methodology used in this course is to put into action everything students have passively learned and lead them to speak with confidence, security, and fluency. Each student will be able to interact with other students by talking about different topics of conversation. REAL TALKING® in Action contains intensive pronunciation exercises, Role-Plays, discussion groups, and follow-up exercises that will lead students to engage in conversations, participate in meetings and discussions. Your role in this program is very important since you will have to moderate every discussion group so that students may speak English in a natural environment by expressing their oppinions and/or interacting one another. In addition, students will learn to better understand American pronunciation through real listening comprehension techniques and exercises and daily use in the United States. This course also has an intensive practice lab that has a lot of exercises to speak and listen in English.

2. REAL TALKING® Project

Focused on High Intermediate to Advance Level

The methodology used in this course is to provide a place where upper Intermediate and Advanced students may talk fluently with other students at the same level so that they can put into practice their new language in a natural setting. In this course, your role is to be a moderator to manage the discussions. The topics of REAL TALKING® Projects vary greatly from talking about sports, science and technology, social networks, economy, moral values, and so on. You will have to lead your students to participate actively in talking projects about different topics, your students will have an excellent place to put into action everything they have passively learned so that they speak with confidence, security, and fluency. Each student will be able to interact with other students by talking about different topics of conversation.


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